Letter For My Idol Girl


Dear my loved girl,
When you read this letter, may be you’ll know i love you so far. Its hard to know but i really can’ stop love you since i saw you in first time. And now i hate to say “i must get an ending of this love story”. ‘Cause i dont have any reason to tell my love to you except i don’t have any brave and i know who is my self. I am just a “nothing boy” and my feeling said “it’s wrong to wish you be mine”. But other side of my feeling said “i must get your love”. So long for wait and everyday i always hope you gimme a respont. But it’s just a fool hope. I know you never to can’t love me forever. And i dont feel bad about it. I just wanna make you know how far my love to you

You’re a good girl. I always wondering with your beauty and behavior. You’ve got my simpathy for long time ago and until now. Please try look me, girl. Allow me put some words of love in your dream at night!. Let me be my self. Cause i can’t become like you want. Well, now let this story start with an alright scene. If i just scare you, please dont hate me and make me be your friend like we did. But if you can’t, happily i’ll go away and try to never say something you again.

Long ago, this love hid in my heart. I can’t control my self and i dont know why. i just worry if someday i can’t tell my feel to you forever. You’re beauty and i really know i am not the right boy for you. I am sorry for what i did. I never want thats all start but its must have an ending. Really, its must have an ending.


2 Responses to “Letter For My Idol Girl”

  1. “Youre a good guy”?
    Banci ye?

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